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Walking Tours

Walk through Richmond's history

with these guided, downloadable audio tours.  

Take on your own time, by yourself or with a group!


Church Hill Tunnel Tour

Hear the story of this 100 year+ old triumph and tragedy.


Written and narrated by Rachel Pater; music by Wells Hanley

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Tour now available!

Sliding scale, suggested donation $1-20.

Historic Photo Gallery

Contemporary Photo Gallery

Tour Tips

  • You can stream the tour or download it before you start. If you choose to make a donation, feel free to wait until after you take the tour. 

  • Begin at Libby Hill Park with your back to the monument, on the sidewalk facing the James River. The audio will instruct you on when and where to start walking. 

  • Clear and timed directions will be given at each turn, but feel free to check the "Google Map" link below if you think you made a wrong turn. 

  • Use headphones for best audio quality, as there will likely be some traffic noise as you walk.

  • A casual stroll is just fine! If you power-walk, you'll find yourself waiting for the audio to catch up.

  • This tour is 40 minutes long, covering roughly 1 mile (with another mile to walk back) with some inclince and decline.

  • See "historic photo gallery" before or after you walk the tour and the "contemporary photo gallery" to follow along virtually.

  • See "View @ Libby Hill" link below for the standing tour referenced at the beginning of this tour.

Church Hill Tunnel Tour Testimonials

Wilson W.

Wilson W.

Wilson W.

Wilson W.

"Very informative and interesting. Professionally delivered. I’ve lived in Richmond all my life and didn’t know this story.”

Chuck & Mary F.

Compelling story, throughly researched and delightfully narrated.  A  great way to get in your steps while learning more about our neighborhood. Highly recommend.

Kristen S-B.

I've heard the story of the entombed train and people below our feet here in Church Hill a number of times.  But to walk this sacred route and hear the story told, especially with the compassion for the lives lost for whom there was no closure, has changed the way that I feel connected to this path for the future.  Thank you Richmond Story House for deepening my own rootedness to this hill.

Dustin P.

The tour is educational and very well done!  This is not normally the type of thing I get into but the story is easy to follow and fun to tour around Church Hill!  A perfect way to spend a socially distant day.

“A new RVA treasure! Factually based. Dramatically rendered, with personal accounts and music. A fun walking tour through history for all ages!”

Liz W.

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Stream the tour by pressing play, or click the "free" button to download.


Elizabeth Van Lew Tour

Hear the story of this Church Hill Civil War spy. 

Written and narrated by Rachel Pater, with music by Wells Hanley and other local artists. 

(70 minutes)

Sliding scale, suggested donation $1-20.


loo7NBAw 3.jpg

Mayor Stoney at our tour launch party!

Tour Tips

  • Press the button to download. Please note that the track will only be available for 72 hours from the time of purchase, so plan your walk accordingly.

  • Begin at St. John's Church gates, near the corner of 24th and Broad in Church Hill.  The audio will instruct you on when and where to start walking.

  • Use headphones for best audio quality, as some of the tour takes place along a busy street.

  • A casual stroll is just fine! If you power-walk, you'll find yourself waiting for the audio to catch up.

  • Keep your phone handy for a slideshow of photographs that compliment the tour.

  • This tour is 70 minutes long, covering roughly 2 miles with some stairs and a section of uneven trail.  Please wear sturdy shoes and bring adequate water!

  • If you prefer to drive the tour, see Google Map link below.

**Tour edit: the "open space" described at minute 28 along Main Street is now a condo complex. 

Van Lew Tour Testimonials

Carla S.

The incredible story of Elizabeth Van Lew is brought to life as you explore the neighborhoods of her past.  You'll learn about Richmond's history in an engaging and thoughtful way, all while taking in some of the best views of the city! I highly recommend this well-researched tour.      

Dean K.

"Elizabeth Van Lew is still standing!!  In her grave at Shockoe Hill Cemetery, that is, and you should stand and walk around for an hour or so while listening to Rachel Pater's new audio tour all about her.  Listen!  Learn!  

Sarah A.

Richmond Story House’s EVL walking tour is fascinating for Richmond visitors and locals alike. Part Civil War narrative, part social history, and part environmental exploration, it will move all listeners to more deeply consider the stories and sites that resonate in their own lives. 

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