Information on how to engage with upcoming workshops and to read/listen to the stories that come from them! 

Virtual Workshops

Our in-person workshops have shifted to virtual.  Read on for more info! 

Covid 19 Stories: read & submit below

March 2020 COVID Story Submissions

We'd like to hear about how/if your life has changed due to COVID-19.  
You can submit your story below or email it to

By submitting, you give permission to share your story and first name on our website and/or social media outlets. Please indicate in your submission if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. 


Virtual Workshops Descriptions

All workshops provide prompts, and the only experience you need is life experience.  Sliding scale suggested donation: $1-20.

Mosaic Project​

A space for Asian Americans and/or those descended from Asian ancestry to share stories, make connections, and cultivate community.

This workshop now being held on Google Hangouts; email Theresa@richmond to join.  Next workshop: 4/15

WOC Workshop​

A safe space for anyone who identifies as a person of color. 

This workshop now being conducted through online prompts.  Check back on this site for updates and to submit your story.  Next prompts posted: 4/27

Rivah City Sisters​

A space for creative Black women -  a space for open dialogue, collaborating and building a supportive community.

This workshop now being conducted through pre-recorded video.  Next video will be posted: 4/4.

All Writers Drop-in

This workshop is open to all.  Three prompts guide participants in writing about their lives.  Participants can choose to write (or doodle/draw/think) on the prompts and will be guided through the process. 


This workshop now being conducted through pre-recorded video.  Next video will be posted: 4/8.


Past Virtual Workshop Stories


Mosaic Project​

On Wednesday, March 18, Theresa piloted our first Google Hangouts drop-in writing workshop for Mosaic Project, centering stories of Asian Americans in Richmond.  In our current reality of physical distancing, it continues to be important for RSH to continue building community and provide a space to write and share experiences. Participants were able to reflect, write, and share, in response to one of these prompts:

  1. Write a poem using this fill-in-the-blank formula: "I used to, ______, now I _______."  

  2. Write a love letter to yourself, a family member, or friend.

  3. Themed prompts from "The Sun" magazine: my country, holidays, and highs and lows

The group found these prompts to be inspirational. One group member said she might use the first prompt (the fill-in-the-blank poetry) with her children during these homeschool days. 

Check out two of our participant stories here: 

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