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Information on how to engage with upcoming workshops and to read/listen to the stories that come from them! 

Virtual Workshops

Our in-person workshops have shifted to virtual.  Read on for more info! 
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A Workshop Series for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Community 

Story Journeys:

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Do you identify as a member of the BIPOC community and interested in participating in a writing and storytelling space that centers our truths, experiences, and narratives?

Starting October 2020, this three-part, monthly workshop series provides a space for BIPOC community members to 

  • Explore our holistic, creative selves

  • Build connections and community 

  • Cultivate fun, joy, awareness, and presence 

All workshops are provided virtually via Zoom; registration required. 

All skill levels welcome. The only experience you need is life experience!


Workshops are FREE, though we graciously accept donations (suggested donation: $5-25 per workshop). Donate on RSH's website. Sign up for one, two, or all workshops! Email with any questions. 

October 2020 Workshop with Kisha Hughes


Workshop Title: Embodied Stories

Date and Time: October 10, 10 am-12 pm EST

Register Here


Description: Embodied Stories is an all-levels, slow-flow yoga and writing workshop. We will use movement and breath to help us turn inward, with prompts to write about what we discover about our bodies (parts and the whole), memories, experiences, and breath. This two-hour workshop will have movement and writing prompts interspersed throughout the practice. 


About Kisha: Kisha Hughes (she/her) graduated from James Madison University in 2007 with a B.A. in English/Creative Writing. She has spent her summers teaching children ages 6-15 at the Furious Flower Poetry Camp in Harrisonburg, VA since 2009 and she has been a writing instructor with Richmond Young Writers since 2019. Kisha completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2018: she is a trauma-informed certified Accessible Yoga instructor. As a teacher in both yoga and writing, she strives to create an environment for students to explore what feels authentic to them in their practice. Kisha loves to share what she is learning in her own practice (writing and yoga) in hopes that it will inspire students to read more, listen deeper and to write their own stories. Kisha lives in Richmond with her artistic spouse and three delightfully, troublesome felines.



November 2020 Workshop with Taneasha White


Title: Creative Writing: Honesty as a Theme​

Date and Time: November 14, 2-3:30 pm EST

Register Here


Description: There's often pressure to wrap a written piece succinctly with a moral, lesson, or story of triumph. We know that life isn't always this neat, and many of us are still in the thick of things - all of that is okay and worth writing down. This writing workshop, Creative Writing: Honesty as a Theme will be a virtual space to explore your creative nonfiction or memoir writing through discussion, prompts by diverse writers, and dedicated writing time.


About Taneasha: Taneasha White is a Black, Queer lover of words, inquisition, and community, and has used her role within both literary and organizational spaces to make room for folks who are often cast aside. She is the Founder and Editor of UnSung Literary Magazine, a flash fiction and poetry publication focused on offering artistic space for marginalized voices, a guest editor with Quail Bell Magazine, and she also co-hosts a podcast, Critiques for The Culture, where media is dissected through humor and a socio-political lens. You can find pieces of Taneasha’s in Rewire.News, Next City, them., Pulp Mag, and Black Youth Project



December 2020 Workshop with Theresa Ronquillo


Title: Shifting Stories Through Theatre of the Oppressed

Date and Time: December 12, 2-4 PM EST

Register Here


Description: Created by Brazilian theatre artist, political activist, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Augusto Boal (1931-2009), Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O) is an arsenal of theatre games and techniques used to promote social change. As a “rehearsal for revolution,” T.O. unearths, centers, and validates the lived experiences of the communities it engages. In this workshop, we will explore T.O. techniques as tools for sharing our experiences and desires, performing stories of problems and oppressions, and transforming--”re-writing”-- our realities. No previous theatre or performance experience necessary. 


About Theresa: Theresa Ronquillo (she/siya) is a second generation Filipina American, mother, educator, social worker, writer, and Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner. She is a founding Board Member of Richmond Story House and facilitates monthly Mosaic Project writing workshops for Asian Pacific Islander & Desi Americans/people of Asian ancestry. One of Theresa’s creative nonfiction pieces was recently published by Feels Blind Literary. Theresa is the Founder of Embody Change LLC, a collaborative consulting practice specializing in embodied, creative approaches to cultivating anti-oppressive professional and educational environments. Theresa holds a Masters and PhD in Social Work, reads fiction, and voraciously consumes podcasts about pop culture. 

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Check out our Storytelling & Yoga fusion with Project Yoga Richmond

"What I love most about Richmond Story House is how they've created an intentional and inclusive storytelling community. They show that unearthing diverse and marginalized voices is core to their mission." - Betsy S., All Writers workshop regular

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by Shana Blakely, Richmond artist

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