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Publications and Media

Mayor Stoney at an RSH Event

St. Mary's Woods Workshop

Drop-in Workshop

Workshop at Richmond Young Writers

Workshop at Milk River Arts

Sheriff Irving at an RSH Event

Workshop at Peter Paul Development Center

Elder Life Stories

Workshop Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of participating in one of Rachel's "Writing and Storytelling" workshops in April 2017.  Rachel gracefully asuaged shyness and doubt with an easy manner and her extensive knowledge of writing and teaching.  The series was provocative, and I highly recommend it!”​Bob L


“I thoroughly enjoyed the time together.  I felt safe sharing details of my past, and listening to the stories of others.  The writing exercises challenged me to explore my thoughts and creativity, especially telling our story through comic.”​ Jennifer E


"Rachel Pater's work with our students was outstanding.  She met the students with warmth, energy, clarity and her naturally feisty disposition.  Our students felt comfortable doing this work with Rachel, connecting with her as more of a peer rather than having the feeling that she was one more teacher talking at them.  This work sparked many thoughtful conversations with our students and helped them work on creating a much more inclusive culture at our school."  Leigh H.

Zine Publications

School Days

Stories about teachers

Published August 2018.

Moving On
Stories from the jail

Published May 2018.

No Kids Allowed

Stories from women without children.

Published March 2018.

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