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Trinity High School PhotoStory

We recently ran a virtual storytelling workshop with some students at Trinity Episcopal High School. This hour of writing and sharing was proof that stories can made their way into so many mediums! We left the group with the challenge to interview someone in their household and to pair it with a portrait. Here's an entry we received from Eloise, who interviewed her sister Madeline:

“My depression and anxiety are a really big struggle for me. With mental illness, it messes with everything. Like it makes me wanna stay in bed all day, it makes me wanna not talk to anyone or none of my friends It just makes life way harder than it actually is. But I spent some time in outpatient treatment to help with my depression and anxiety, and one of the things they taught us while we were there was having mindfulness. And at first, I was like ‘whatever this isn’t gonna work, nothing works…’ and then I actually started thinking about it and like having that awareness of these thoughts are only happening because I’m depressed or because I have anxiety and they aren’t rational and I shouldn’t actually feel like this.” -Madeline B.

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