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Holiday Guests

We were so excited to have a story from one of RSH's own published in a literary magazine recently. Hear about the origin story for the piece below and check out the full piece here:

I started this story in the summer of 2018, while Rachel, Kimberly and I were at Porches for a Richmond Story House board and writing retreat. In response to a Sun Magazine “ Readers Write” prompt “Guests,” I just started writing down memories and descriptions. I started a few other pieces that weekend, but this story has been the one that I’ve worked on, tweaked, revised the most over the last two years. Perhaps because growing up in an immigrant family and community, the word “guests” is complicated. Flash memoir writing allows me to play with words and deepen my understanding of this complicated reality.

Photo: Ronquillo family at Christmastime, circa early 1980’s

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